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Tech Support
You have things to do. We’ll keep your computer up and running. Geek Squad Tech Support is the knowledgeable resource that will fix your Computer, Mac or tablet software issues for the length of your membership. We are here to help ensure your Computer, Mac or tablet is always performing like the day you bought it. Download the Terms of Service For Tech Support
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Virus & Spyware Removal
We’re like chicken soup for your computer, removing the icky stuff and making your PC healthy again. There are plenty of problems that may plague your computer. From pop-ups to viruses and spyware, chances are we have a cure for it, and you we don’t even need to step foot in your door. As long as you have a high-speed internet connection, we’re in business. One PC only.
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Computer Tune-up
Have you noticed that your once young and speedy computer is now a slow, lethargic beast? At Geek Squad we’ll whip it into shape and get it working like new. We’ll optimize your hard drive space, determine if you have unnecessary software, and make sure your operating system is updated and running at top form. All we need is a high-speed internet connection and a working PC with no viruses or spyware infections.
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DSLR Setup and Tutorial
Are you a digital photographer who is seeking more knowledge on how to use a new DSLR? Let an Agent will walk you through how to get the most out of your camera by covering basic controls and common photography definitions to help jump start your artistic side!
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Camera & Camcorder Setup
Have a Geek Squad Agent guide you through the setup of your new digital camera or camcorder with a 60-minute consultation! We'll use your existing high-speed internet connection to remotely connect into your computer and walk you through the setup of your new digital camera or camcorder while teaching you how to get the most out of your technology.
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Remote Control Setup
The dreaded remote control–many times the bane of your TV-watching experience. Get control of your remote control. Let our Geek Squad Agents remotely guide you through the setup. You’ll have your home theater in the palm of your hand (literally and figuratively).
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Printer Troubleshooting
Experiencing printer issues?
We can quickly get your old printer running again.
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Social Media Training
Tools like Facebook and Twitter are social media tools to help you stay connected with the outside world, but there’s always something new and it can be difficult to stay current. Geek Squad will get you up to speed with setting up your new accounts on social media networks and show you the basics of privacy, security, etiquette and how to connect with your family and friends.
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Wireless Security/Troubleshooting
Having problems with your wireless network or need to share files and a printer between 2 PCs? We can configure your two computers and connect your printer to be shared over the network!
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Mac OS X Advanced Training (60 minutes)
Ready to dive into OS X, the operating system on your Mac? One of our Agents will devote up to a full hour explaining whatever you’d like to know, or giving you an in-depth overview of amazing features such as Spaces and tweaking through System Preferences.
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Mac OS X Basic Training (30 minutes)
Did you recently make the switch from a PC to a Mac and the changes are overwhelming? With Basic Mac OS X training, an Agent will devote up to 30 minutes walking you through the basics so you can get the most out of your new Mac.
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Printer Setup
Printers can be pesky. Getting them to work correctly is one of our most common requests. Let a Geek Squad Agent quickly set up and configure your new printer–we’ll even give you advice on how to keep it working smoothly after we’re gone. You’ll need all of your printer cables, the printer model name and Windows XP or Windows Vista.
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